Annkang Top Management

Annkang Top Management



Dato’ Louis Chong

Founder & CEO


Louis’ belief is that enterprises should be a force for good because true success comes from a future where we leave an inheritance greater than the wealth in profits. Amazed by the positive power what people can achieve through holistic wellness, he founded Annkang with a vision to create a healthy, harmonious and happy life for everyone.

He co-founded a global wellness empire and distribution network, that taught him the value of a profession based around people and the innate joy in helping others to live healthier lives, and in turn enrich the lives of their loved ones.Being influential is part of his repertoire as a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years of experience. A mentor and leader in the network marketing scene, Louis has inspired many dream chasers under his impeccable leadership.Former boardroom poet, he is our present-day music philanthropist and spends his time hunting for the next big thing in functional ingredients or wellness technology.

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