to create a healthy,
& happy life
for everyone


Annkang’s philosophy of wellbeing is based on the Golden Triangle of Health; detox, regulate, boost. Through our product combination of functional foods and nutricosmetics, we have our heart set on holistic health, inside and out.

First, detoxification. Before we can rejuvenate, we must refresh, cleansing our bodies of harmful toxins – substances that cause negative health effects inside and outside our bodies.

The next step is to regulate, to restore our bodies to a better physical state, reviving our eight major systems: circulatory, immune, skeletal, excretory, muscular, endocrine, digestive, nervous and respiratory. Each relies on the other to keep the human body healthy and happy, and in harmony.

When we’ve cleansed and controlled our systems, it’s time to give our bodies a boost! Annkang’s products are enriched with essential ingredients that provide positive health benefits, optimising our intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Annkang’s product portfolio delivers the roots of wellness based on four pillars. Through a combination of functional foods and nutricosmetics (the science beneath our skin), we want to give our customers a boost of beauty and feeling of wellness inside and out. Where quality and value meet, we find the harmony of sharing health and happiness with the world by making our functional foods available and accessible.


The concept of shared goodness is crucial to our product philosophy. We are convinced that contributing to the community gives benefits far beyond what we could only achieve for ourselves. We believe in the power of our products to provide happiness in perfect harmony, where personal fulfilment


We use the purest ingredients possible to ensure only the most nutritionally rich, natural and safe formulas. Only carefully selected ingredients make the cut, free from any artificial colourings, chemicals, sweeteners or hydrogenated fats. We’re against antibiotics and prefer not to use preservatives. Annkang’s products are from sustainable sources and we make every effort to be ethical, using local, traceable ingredients. We care about welfare


We believe in true benefits from our food, which is why we have worked so hard to develop our patented extraction techniques to get the very best from our formulas, delivering great benefits for the customer. Our world-class products are based in science and backed by research; research which we continue to invest heavily in.


From quality assurance to international compliance, our certified products are of trusted quality. That means sticking to stringent standards throughout the manufacturing value chain. Hailing from an OEM heritage of almost a decade, we know what it takes to make the product great.


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It’s not just our products that have potential to provide wellness benefits. Our corporate social responsibility platform does likewise towards building a more caring and inclusive society together.

While we were seeking for a worthy cause in Malaysia, we found a neglected opportunity in mental health – depression, the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide according to the World Health Organisation. As champions of positivity and believers of mental toughness, we feel compelled to address this silent disrupter in life.

This is our way of helping our people and our society to reach their true happiness potential, together, as one